Wednesday, November 7, 2007

if you want a free trial, phone chat is for you. I know people that can't get enough of free stuff. food, samples, tshirts, pens, magnets, pets, babies, if it's got no dollar amount before it, then people want it. It gets to me how people don't like to pay. It's kinda weird too, sometimes because many people make a lot of money, but refuse to show the moolah. On top of all of that, get a free trial, phone chat is good for people who like to connect with people.

Monday, October 8, 2007

free trial phone chat

I was looking yesterday for a free trial phone chat and I found one but my cell phone died. I was a little bit upset because I was talking to this lady and she was really sweet. I can't recharge my battery because I have no electricity. I live in the mountains. I can only recharge my phone if I go into the town, but I'm not a big fan of walking down the mountain. That would mean I would have to walk back up the mountain. It's hard to do that with a sprained foot. I sprained it when I was running away from a deer. I think that the free trial phone chat is worth it and I hope that she is still there waiting for my call.